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3 Secrets to Living With Confidence
Every Millionaire Woman Knows

Written by Shannon Tran

This eBook is one of Shannon Tran's most popular publications available as a free download.

  • 3 powerful habits every ambitious woman should master
  • How to regain your confidence in 5 minutes or less
  • Easy ways to eliminate self doubt and burnout for good
  • How to make million dollar decisions you'll never regret
  • The #1 Secret to setting up a creative and productive space

What People Are Saying:

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Paula Green

"This was a powerful lesson and assignments! I spent quite a few hours on it this week, and I received much clarity in my "problem areas." Right now, I don't believe much in myself, but I believe in YOU, no I am excited to see how much healing and transforming you lend me through in the coming months! Thank you SO MUCH for this course and your beautiful leadership!"

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Danette Layne

"I love everything about your presentations, materials, life lessons, candidness.

I feel inspired, validated (in my own thinking and growth), grounded, and encouraged to keep showing up and experiencing LIFE. I really really value having you in my life."

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Gina Kaye

"I connected with Shannon at the beginning of 2020 through on online summit she held and was immediately drawn to her energy and message. I then made the decision to join her Money Mindset Mastery course. Working with Shannon has given me a new awareness and deeper understanding of myself and the blocks which are holding me hack from success and attracting abundance. Shannon is down to earth and passionate about helping others and seeing them succeed. She has an amazing way of listening to you and helping you see the bigger picture and understand how certain things can be linked, then giving you strategies and guidance to overcome anything which is holding you back your life. I am truly grateful to have connected with Shannon, the positive and significant impact she has had on my life and future is immeasurable."

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Yvette Duncan

"Thank you for the incredible Money Mindset Mastery Academy Program you've created, Shannon!
I love Shannon's warmth, energy and the powerful insights she shares with us week after week.
She has helped me to really see some of my blind spots, particularly wrt areas of control and perfectionism in my life and has provided valuable strategies and processes to help me move through the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back! I feel inspired after every coaching call.

I love the safe and inviting space that Shanon has created for us to openly share our experiences and connect with other beautiful woman, as we all work through the meditations and processes to have significant shifts in our lives."